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Clip on veneers custom made to fit in UK. Boost your smile today

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Clip on Veneers

Clip on veneers are usually made of 10 upper teeth and 10 lower teeth.

We craft custom made clip in veneers to fit on any shape teeth. We are based in London, UK so you can just walk in to order your clip in veneers anytime you like. It only takes one week for us to make your teeth veneers after we have the impression mould.

Our veneers can cover almost any shape of teeth, replacing missing ones and also straighten the misshapen ones all to give it that perfect smile. The clip in veneers clip snap on very tightly over the top of your own teeth. We do not recommend you to eat with your teeth veneers on at the moment, but drinking is no problem, it won't affect them.

You can choose between 2 main shades at the moment: BLEACH - which is the brightest one, giving you that Hollywood smile look and A1 white which is the natural bright tooth colour. Clip on veneers are a pain free solution to standard dental veneers. Good oral hygiene must be kept at all times, especially when wearing clip on veneers.

Clip on Veneers

Shade comparison

Please make sure you choose the right shade

Bleach shade

Bright white clip on veneers. Sparkling white teeth. This look is the whitest with natural colour shading around the gum line, between teeth and on incisal edge

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A1 shade

Natural tooth colour. Bright white veneers over the top of your teeth. This colour is very close to the natural white teeth colour blending in perfectly all around

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Shade difference

Pictures are unedited so we can reflect the correct colour difference between Bleach and A1 shades. Notice that A1 Shade is a natural white compared to Bleach shade. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Bleach sets

We can cover the gaps in between your teeth, also build the missing ones so the smile is perfect. Bleach shade is always a fresh look.

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A1 sets

Got stained, missing or misshapen teeth? Get a set full set of clip veneers to cover all imperfection and boost your confidence.

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Missing teeth?

We can cover all your missing teeth with full sets of clip on veneers. No more hiding, always smiling! Order your clip on veneers today. One week turn around.

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How it works

Please read this section to understand the process of ordering your clip on veneers

The first step before making the actual clip veneers order is to use the Smile Assessment pageAdd a description of the services required and upload a photo with your mouth when you smile. After we assess your smile we will contact you by phone or email to discuss your options. This service is free.

Once accepted you can choose from the options available for each individual set of veneers. Payments are processed by PayPal or SagePay. After payment has been made we will send you the mould kit with all the intructions on how to take the impressions of your teeth. Please follow the instructions carefully as we need the mould of your teeth to be as accurate as possible.

Send the mould of your teeth back to us in the bag provided, wrapped securely, so nothing can damage it.

After we receive the mould it takes 7 days for us to make the clip on veneers. Once the teeth veneers have beeen custom made we will post them back to you - next day delivery, signed for. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries before you order.

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Feel free to contact us. Please note that we are the same company as Gold Grillz. Gold Lab LTD - Company Number: 10968135

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